Abstract submission

Abstract submission is now closed.

Instructions for speakers and chairs

The allotted time for speakers is including questions. All speakers are kindly asked to plan accordingly and Chairs are kindly asked to be stringent in keeping the time frames in their sessions.

Oral presentations – format and technical restrictions
The presentation should be prepared as a PowerPoint presentation in a 16:9 format (due to the format of the screen).

We will only use PC computers (no Mac!), Windows and PowerPoint software, so please provide file(s) compatible with this setup. We recommend that you also bring a PDF file of your presentation. Please do not bring your own computer!

If any videos will be included in your presentation, please hand these in as separate files when you hand in your presentation. Do not include them in the PowerPoint presentation.

We kindly ask you to hand in your presentation no later than the break before your session and to be present in the lecture hall at a minimum of 10 minutes before your lecture. If your lecture is in the first session of the day, please provide your presentation no later than 30 minutes before the session begins.

All presentations must be given in English.

Please note that the information above is subject to change.

Instructions for posters

Posters should be displayed in portrait (=standing) orientation. The poster board area is 110 cm wide and 200 cm high. The material on the poster board is felt. Pins will be provided. Each poster has been given a number and should be fixed on the board marked with the same number.

Poster mounting and dismounting
You will be able to put up your poster during the following hours: Sunday 13 August at 15:30 to 17:00 Monday 14 August from 08:00. Please note that your poster must be mounted before 10.30 on Monday.

We kindly ask you to take down your poster on Wednesday, August 16 after the last coffee break, i.e. 16.30. If you wish, you may leave your poster to the person in charge of the poster exhibition on Wednesday and retrieve it on Thursday in Aula Medica.

The poster should be prepared in the English language.

Please note that the information above is subject to change.


You will be asked to choose one of the following categories:

  • Selenium chemistry and geochemistry
  • Selenium in animal and human health and disease
  • Selenium in molecular life sciences

You will then be asked to choose a subject within that category.

Choice of Category and Subject will be used as basis for classification of abstracts in sessions for oral presentations, organization of posters and thematic presentations in the final abstract book.

For more information about the different research themes, please visit http://se2017.se/research-themes/.

The keywords as given will be used to construct an index of the abstract book. There will also be an automated author list in the abstract book, which will include all authors of all submitted abstract.

Authors of the abstract will be printed in the order that they are entered (first author given will be the first author in the author list). Any author can be selected as presenting author, with only one presenting author selected per abstract.

Please use sentence case in the entire title. Spell out words, do not use abbreviations. The title or text is not to indicate the country of origin, unless it is pertinent to the topic.

Your abstract should be maximum 250 words excluding the title, references and optional figure or table. The Abstract is divided into following sections: Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion and Selected references.

  • Introduction
    This section should provide a brief overview or introduction to the topic area.
  • Methods
    Describe the materials, procedures and analytical techniques used in experiments. If the abstract refers to an overview lecture rather than a report of specific experiments, describe instead the contextual scope of the lecture.
  • Results
    Provide a summary and discussion of results in sufficient detail to support the conclusion(s). Refer to appropriate table/figure (if applicable). Report any statistical findings. Briefly explain and interpret data with respect to introduction and other relevant research findings. Limitations of project should be included and suggestions for future research may be provided.
  • Discussion
    Discuss the significance of the key findings of the study and conclusions that can be drawn from the results.
  • Selected References (maximum 500 characters)

Optionally selected references can be given. These will be printed in smaller font on the final abstract.

Tables & figures
One figure or table in color can be included. Your table or figure will be placed at below the abstract text. The table or figure should be submitted as a single file, including any figure legend(s). Multi-panel figures (those with parts a, b, c, d etc.) should be submitted as a single composite file that contains all parts of the figure, including explanatory legend.

Preferred presentation type
Choose your preferred presentation type, Oral or Poster.

It is the author’s responsibility to submit a correct abstract; any errors in spelling, grammar, or scientific fact will be published as typed by the author, if accepted. Poor English may be a cause for rejection. The Programme Committee will accept abstracts for the Scientific Programme (oral or poster presentation) on scientific merit. Only Abstracts of registered participants will be printed. At least one of the authors must be registered for the Conference.

Young Investigator Award
Is the corresponding author of this presentation a young scientist that wishes to be reviewed for a Young Investigator Award? Se2017 will review abstracts submitted by young scientists being presenting authors (PhD students or post docs within 5 years after dissertation) for Young Investigator Awards. If selected for an award, proof of young scientist status must be provided before the awards can be handed out.

Submitting your abstract
Submission deadline: 31st of March, 2017

Acknowledgment of submission will be e-mailed to the author designated as the primary contact, i.e. the author who sign in into the abstract submission system. Notification of acceptance or rejection of an abstract for presentation will be sent to the same author in May 2017.

For technical issues and other questions regarding abstract submission, please contact abstracts.se2017@appinconf.com.